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Try this exercise to discover your brand story.

We all have a story a tell. We have those quirks that make us unique. The things we do well and the things we struggle with. Habits, tastes, humor, experiences...

When you are beginning your personal brand journey it's important to take stock of who you are in a real way. What makes you wildly you? Later in your journey you'll reflect on how who you are brings value to your client, but first spend some time exploring inside so as you move forward you know that you'll be staying true to yourself.

Try this:

  • Set aside 5-10 minutes.

  • Get your favorite journal and pen (I always grab a purple pen... it makes me happy).

  • Turn on some music (I go to my roots and put on my punk rock station).

  • Forget about everyone else and write your OWN description of who you are. Think about your values and your passions and how you identify your self. Let this draft be sloppy and quick and have fun with it. We'll bring focus to the process in later steps.

In Personal Branding, Part II: Your Client, we'll talk about your ideal client, and in Part III, we'll explore how your personal value serves your client.

Ready to get some professional personal brand photos that show off the real you? Contact me to schedule a consultation today.

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