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Personal Branding, Part II: Your client

In Part I, we explored you. If you missed it, go back to that post first. Once you have a strong sense of who you are, it's time to think about your client. But please don't skip that first step... you don't want to change who you are because in the end, you'll burn out and you won't be serving your client well. Ok...done with step 1? Are you feeling wildly you? Great... then read on.

It's time to think about your ideal client. The one who values your service, loves what you offer, and wants to tell all her friends about how amazing your products or services are.

Who is that person? Where does she shop? Who are her friends? What are her interests, passions, and tastes? What is easy for her and when does she struggle?

Now grab that favorite pen of yours and create your ideal client. Write down the answers to all of those questions and everything else you can find out about her. Give your "client" a name if it helps, or model her off of a friend you know or client you've already served. Dig deep; do some market research or Instagram exploration. You can find out all about people's interests by seeing who they follow on social media, and most of the time you'll get introduced to something you like in the process!

Now hop off and get writing. In Part III we'll explore how your story can bring value to this newly defined ideal client.

If you're ready to take your brand to the next level, contact me to schedule a personal brand photo shoot in Austin, TX or worldwide.

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