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Personal Branding, Part III: Your Value

Now that you've explored what makes you amazing and what makes your client tick, it's time to put them together. If you missed the previous posts, in Part I we explored what makes you wildly you and in Part II we met your ideal client. Go back if you haven't completed those exercises.

Okay, so you've done your introspection and your research. Now it's time to find the sweet spot.

Get back into your zone... grab that favorite pen, put on your favorite music and get focused.

Look through everything you wrote about yourself and your client. Think about your story and your values and pull out themes you find.

Through the lens of your client's needs, think about how these themes serve her.

This process takes some reflection and deep thinking, but your final result with help you maintain consistency in your personal brand and inspire interest from those you are trying to reach.

Here's an example from my story themes list... I like horses and horse metaphors. How in the world does that add value to my client? First, my ideal client has at least one's part of her persona. By using horse metaphors and images, I've opened up a line of communication between myself and my client (who will, like all pet owners, be eager to talk about her furry friend). I've identified myself as "that photographer with the horse pictures," which leaves a memorable imprint, and I can leverage my skill as an educator to use horse metaphors to explain things in a humorous, light-hearted way that will resonate with other animal lovers when we're talking about things other than animals. Fun, right? Now, get out there and give it a try! Be the horse... build trust... build connections.

I would love to hear your personal brand story and help you create stunning images to strut your stuff online. In Austin, TX or worldwide, contact me to schedule your personal brand photo shoot.

Personal Brand Photography - Equine health specialist

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